Among the law office’s clients belong foreign and Slovak banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, leasing companies, investment houses active in the area of the construction industry, private law companies in the area of machinery, chemical, petrochemical, the wood and paper industries, and companies in the advertising and service sectors.

The fundamental areas of the present activity of the law office on the legal services market could be generalized into the following:

  • drawing up Joint Ventures contracts, common and syndicated contracts, including the elaboration of legal agendas related to the capitalization of receivables and changes in the amounts of subscribed capital,
  • drawing up of contracts on the transfer of business shares and decisions on termination of the participation of partners,
  • elaborating legal agendas in the area of purchase and sale of businesses or their parts,
  • structural changes of business companies, elaboration of contractual systems for the merger, takeover, division and change of business companies, including legal assessment of related issues of cartel law, consultation activity in the area of fusion, horizontal, vertical and conglomeration concentrations, specialist counseling related to the issue of protection of economic competition, including related mandate representation at the SR Anti-Monopoly Board and in legal proceedings on protection of economic competition before the SR Supreme Court,
  • elaborating legal agendas related to the founding, cancellation or changes to organizational units (daughter companies, branches and operations outlets),
  • preparation of documentation for public procurement,
  • execution of legal audits and elaboration of legal analyses and resolutions,
  • elaboration of contracts on provision of credit and cross-border financing of domestic investment projects,
  • elaboration of complexes of contracts for the purpose of securing creditor obligations in connection with the provision of credit and loans with the use of securing  legal institutes regulated and valid at home and abroad,
  • elaboration and legal assessment of contracts on stock transfers,
  • client representation before SR Central Depository,
  • assessment of projects within the privatization process, and legal counseling relating to the structural change of state enterprises,
  • real estate purchase and sale, execution of lien right and, associated with this, representation before appertaining cadastral bodies,
  • international purchase, rental and lease contracts,
  • validation of claims for indemnification of damage,
  • legal coverage of supply and implementation of software and information systems,
  • preparation of licencing conditions for software and other authorial works, legal database protection,
  • establishment and provision of public and non-public electronic communication services and networks,
  • securing of the contractual agenda of telecommunications operators and external relations with networks and services regulators,
  • representation of clients before Slovak courts and before international arbitration courts in the validation of claims from business/legal relationships